We currently consist of parents, past and present, carers, and grandparents

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Who are we?

We’re a registered charity (no. 1036554).

We currently consist of parents, carers, and grandparents past and present. As children leave the school, we lose their parents help too. We very much need more people to get involved to enable us to continue to offer valued support to the school, which will benefit all the children.

Our Aim

It’s not only to fundraise exclusively for the benefit of the children of Langham Primary School but to provide fun and social experiences not covered by the school’s limited funding.


Langham Primary School Logo

History behind the Langham Primary School logo

Discovery apple was raised about 1949 by a farm worker called Dummer of Langham, Essex, UK from a Worcester Pearmain crossed possibly with a Beauty of Bath. The story is that Dummer had raised a number of Worcester Pearmain seedlings and chose the best one to plant in his garden. As he only had one arm, he needed assistance from his wife. But she broke her ankle and as a result the seedling was left for weeks simply covered by sacking.


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